Brian Anderson – Moreno Valley, CA
In this economy it is difficult to find good hunting without traveling and considerable cost. When I found Big Horn Canyon Ranch in Riverside county California, I found a hunters gold mine. The terrain is as tough as any place I have ever hunted. The variety of game is challenging. The owners are knowledgeable and hospitable. I can go big game hunting in the morning and be home for dinner. My game is dressed and in the freezer, thanks to Charlie Wagner the guide, owner and game preparer. Hat’s off to a great operation.
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Jorge Azpeitia – CA.
Ah, Big Horn Canyon Ranch, where do I begin?
I guess I should start with the proprietors of this game ranch, Chuck and Charlie Wagner. The very first time I met Chuck and Charlie, I was with my youngest brother. It was a few years ago and we were visiting the ranch for the first time and didn’t know what to expect. Both my brother and I were met with a warm greeting and sincere handshake welcoming us to their ranch. Immediately I felt at ease and excitement took over the feeling of concern. You would be hard pressed to find two individuals as honest and welcoming as Chuck and Charlie. Big Horn Canyon Ranch is reminiscent of the game ranches found all over my home state of Texas. The ranch is a maze of canyons and draws with trails cresting the ridge tops offering you a great view of the bottoms. Sheep, goats, and pigs often peak out of the foliage and just as quickly disappear. The terrain is perfect for making this type of hunt as easy or as difficult as you want to make it. You can sit high on the ridges and wait for a game animal to expose itself in an open area or you can spot and stalk your game out of heavy cover.

The game animals are a variety of sheep, goats, and pigs. The pigs are what keep me going back to the ranch year after year. These are boars, wild boars! I have seen tusky Razorbacks and Russians running through this ranch. They provide a challenge just as much here as anywhere else. The largest and most ornery seem to find the most in-accessible locations on the ranch. You have to go in after them! On a few occasions, I have had the need of a follow up shot to bring the boars down; a true testament to their toughness and wild disposition.

I have taken my Father, brothers, cousins, and friends to Big Horn Canyon Ranch. All have been met with the same welcoming attitude that Chuck and Charlie exhibit to all their guests. I plan on taking my son as soon as he is old enough to handle recoil and hit his mark consistently.

One of the unique facets of this ranch is its location. As the current economy dictates, it is increasingly difficult to commit a few days to hunting. I do however, on occasion, find a morning or afternoon available. When this happens, my attention is drawn by Big Horn Canyon Ranch and it is followed up by a phone call to Charlie. Not only will I be able to hunt this ranch in a four or five hour period, but I am close to 100% assured that I will see a game animal worth taking. Located in Riverside, this ranch is the perfect choice for hunters in Southern California. Comparative to other locations in California that offer pig hunts; I have sat down and done the math. Taking into consideration fuel, lodging, meals, fees, and tips; Big Horn Canyon Ranch wins hands down as the most economical choice for the southern California sportsman.

My recommendation is an easy one. Big Horn Canyon Ranch.

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